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Help Wanted: Looking for a photographer for a new e-book destination

Angkor Watt, New York, Paris, Iceland...? Where to next?


Temple ruins, Angkor, Cambodia

Temple ruins, Angkor, Cambodia


It's a big world for photographers to navigate

About you - The must haves:

It's a lot of work and not much money. My goal, and yours too, should be to make something we can both be proud of. Passion to see the job through to the end is essential. If keeping quality high takes another month to finish, so be it. Being comfortable with this at the beginning is key to ensuring we make it through the tough spots along the way. 

You also need to understand photography well enough to be able to evaluate a location and advise on what the photographic opportunities and challenges are. Equally as important is knowing the destination very well. For me to judge this, I would expect that you have spent considerable time there, have a decent portfolio of images of the area and have been a photography enthusiast for several years or more. I am not a professional photographer, and you don't need to be one either. Your images also don't need to be award winning, but they do need to inspire. I want your best images.  

You will always keep the copyright of your photos, but I will need you to provide me with usage rights for the images in book, and I'll use a few for marketing on the website, social media, etc. You will also need to provide me with all of your local knowledge. This means putting time and effort into lots of Skype calls, emails, or whatever works for us. You should also expect that you will have to visit and perhaps revisit locations to capture the shots we have in mind.

About the location:

It goes without saying that it needs to be a popular, global destination for photographers. To judge that, you can consider several references including how prevalent the location is on photo sharing websites; do professional photographer's offer tours there; is it also a popular tourist destination? And, does the location have the depth to fill a e-book.  

About me:

While you are providing the images and content, I will be building the book, writing and finally, publishing it on this website. I will also be marketing through social media and other channels. Neither of us see a penny until the book starts selling. I did the Tokyo book in 8 months and The Kyoto book (life got in the way) took well over a year, but I do believe that the next book won't take nearly that much time. 

About the money:

This website is brand new and marketing is just getting off the ground. As scale and branding grows it will get better, but for now, I am truly sorry to tell you that I am not living the highlife on the back of these books. 

My expenses include the software, some help on design, the domain and website maintenance. Your expenses will include entry fees, transport around your city and whatever else is required to get the images and information required. 

We build the book together as equals, so we share the profits in the same manner. We split our profits 50/50. Once we are done, you will have your name and one of your photos on the cover of a photography book that you can be proud of.

As for the next destination, that's the easy part. I'm just getting started and I have only covered two cities. There is still a lot of low hanging fruit and anywhere from Vietnam to Venice just might work. 

It is worth restating that location and quality images are important, but a collaborator with the right fit is the real key to a successful project. If you're still reading and you think it could work, don't hesitate to reach out. 

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