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Richard Brown

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Richard Brown in Kyoto

Richard Brown in Kyoto


Thank you to so many!

The e-books and website would not be possible without the help of a number of very kind people. Thanks to all who encouraged me in writing, for your feedback, friendship and more.

I made The Photographer's Guide to Tokyo in 2014 as a sort of farewell to Japan after living there for almost 15 years. I enjoyed the experience so much that a second book on Kyoto felt like a natural next step.

I want to give a special thanks to Patrick, my partner on the Kyoto book and the man behind the images and information provided. More important than the excellent insight and images is the role he played as a dedicated and hardworking collaborator throughout the project. Always aiming for the highest quality, he made himself available, and contributed without question whenever required. I was very lucky to find him as my partner on my first collaborative e-book project.

Supporting both Patrick and myself were our wives who also deserve a big thanks for contributing in many important ways. Thank you Akiko (Patrick’s wife) for your insight and advice, as well as for chasing down a lot of the small stuff, not to mention your support of Patrick throughout.

And thank you Yoomi (my wife) for your advice along the way and your wonderful illustrations and maps for both e-books. Thanks too for tolerating my absence from the dinner table on countless nights.

Thanks also to many others including family and friends for your kind words, advice and support, and to Elliot, my son, for your great ideas and your keen eye for design.

I’d love to hear any feedback you have on the book. If interested, you can follow me on Twitter or just send me an email to keep in touch.

The launch of The Photographer's Guide to Kyoto makes this a series which I hope will be grow to cover many more of the world's most photogenic locations. Stay tuned...