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Patrick Hochner

Photographer and local expert on The Photographer's Guide to Kyoto

Patrick Hochner with his wife Akiko and a Maiko in Kyoto

Patrick Hochner with his wife Akiko and a Maiko in Kyoto


I started taking photographs in my native Alsace, France, when I was around 14. It’s also around this time that I started to be interested in traveling. My dream was then to become a photographer, and travel around the world. It is as such that I arrived in Japan at the end of the 70’s. And then I met the one who became my wife, and I stayed in Japan for some 30 years, but not as a photographer. But it’s there that I restarted photography, after a lapse of almost 20 years, directly into the new digital world.

I never stopped traveling around the world, even if I probably spent more time in Asia than around the other continents. I’m always looking for something new, new encounters, something else somewhere else, and I’m always ready to leave for my next destination. I enjoy sharing these contacts, describing these encounters, and from the start, it’s with pictures more than with words that I can communicate better.

It’s the cultural side, the human aspect that interest me most. It’s meeting other people, within their cultural environment, that attracts me. And it’s these exchanges, these others that I like to meet, to take photographs of, and tell others about with images.

As it’s always been the human element that was the main focus of my photographs, Kyoto has been a real challenge for me. Indeed, I often felt I had to try my best to take photos without anyone within the frame, and concentrate on other elements, the temple or the garden, or the scenery, and always the nature. This has allowed me to discover a new side of these places or these events, a new dimension. Kyoto is any photographer’s paradise and I am enjoying it very much!


Awards and Accolades:

Popular Photography Magazine: Monthly Photo Contest 1st Prize (March 2015)

Photo Partner Kyoto: Special mention Nov. 2015 and Nov. 2016

Photo Partner West: Special Selection (March 2016)


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